Zendala Moments

Annette Plaga-Lodde offers a monthly zendala template.  Here’s my handiwork.

patterns: q-belle, grez, & telis               patterns: up & across, maddie 2, & wired
patterns: noom, mooka, narwal, & wishes               patterns: crescent moon, phi-cops, truffle, & q-belle
patterns: zanelle, bran, cruffle, & baubles               patterns: antique, kisses, & cle
patterns: meringue, pomx2, and snag               patterns: inchworm, facets, fandance, and hurakan
patterns: florez, graancirkel, & twistee               patterns: gra-vee, vortex, and kisses
patterns: fallreep,yuma, & wiffles patterns: afterglow & beelight