Why My Bujo Moved to Trello

So I lost my bullet journal for a few days. It did eventually resurface, but it made me rethink how I do my daily planning. I love the flexibility of a bujo and I really love using a pen and paper, but I needed to find a format I couldn’t lose. Because my sweetie and I use Trello already I decided to give it first try. 

Trello allows you create boards that consist of lists of cards. That’s a good fit for all the info I collect, but my biggest concern was creating a workable calendar with to-do lists. I found I could group my daily to-do lists, current month lists, and future log (future month lists) all onto one calendar board. And everything is pretty much drag and drop, so it had the workability of a bullet journal.

On my calendar board, I have the current month list followed by a week’s worth of daily lists. The monthly list keeps me reminded of any approaching activities to add to my dailies and reminds me of the projects I’m working on. The daily lists keep me focused on my to-do’s and having a week’s worth of daily gives me a weekly overview. Following that, I have a few more month lists so when future appointments are made I have a place to jot them down.

From the picture above, the lists would look like this:

(current month)           (a rotatable week of daily to-do lists)             (future months)

On the daily list, I list everything that needs to be done that day. When I finish a to-do, I just move the card below the purple DONE line (that would be like crossing it out in a bullet journal). You can see on the “Thursday 13” list, I’ve done my morning routine and taken care of the bunnies. I have to finish up laundry and do some writing. When the day is over, most things should be done and under the purple line. If there is anything left over, I can drag the card to the next day’s list (or wherever seems most appropriate). (If you’re a die hard bullet journal fan, you could still type in bullets symbols on your cards or use the color labeling system.)

To set up for the next day, I drag the entire Thursday list to the right and place it after the Wednesday list (and redate it to the 20th). Friday is the next day up and I give it a quick look through to make sure all my ducks cards are in a row.

I try to keep most of my info organized in just a few boards. The more you spread it out, the harder it is to find it. That is the true genius of the bullet journal with its index page.

So I have a calendar board, a habit tracking / personal journal board, and then a more informational board (where I park all the bits of info that I want to access again).

With the latter two boards, I’ve created index lists to help me find what I’m looking for.

It’s not a true bullet journal, but it’s pretty close. It does the work I need it to … and I can’t lose it.

Image credits
Trello pictures © Lori Byerly
journal/computer © Plush Design Studio / Unsplash