What Do You Call a … ?

It all started with the question of “What do you call a group of hummingbirds?”

Turns out a group of hummingbirds is called a charm.

woman blowing bubbles around charm of hummingbirds

That lead to more bird questions and here is a growing list of the names of different kinds of bird groups.

chickens – peep
ducks – badling, paddling, raft, team
geese – gaggle, plump, skein, wedge
turkeys – gang, gobble, posse, rafter

blue jays – band, cast, party, scold,
cardinals – college, conclave, radiance, Vatican
chickadees – banditry
crows – cauldron, congress, horde, murder, muster,
doves – bevy, cote, dule, flight
goldfinches – charm
hummingbirds – charm
larks – ascension, bevy, exaltation, happiness
nightingales – watch
owls – parliament
pigeons – flight, flock, or kit
sparrows – crew, flutter, host, knot, quarrel
starlings – affliction, chattering, constellation, murmuration, scourge,
swallows – flight, gulp
woodpeckers – descent
wrens – chime, herd

quail – battery, drift, flush, rout, shake
pheasants – bevy, bouquet, covey, nye
plovers – congregation

eagles – aerie, congregation, convocation
hawks – cast, cauldron, kettle
vultures – committee, venue, volt, wake

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hummingbird image credits – © GimpWorkshop and © EricaMaxine / Pixabay.com