Willow’s Corner – They’re Looking Pretty Now

I did promise y’all pictures. Here are my sweet babies with their fur just coming in. Turns out there are four orange babies in varying shades, one with black fur, and one with what is called “chestnut” fur (sort of variegated brown, sometimes called agouti).

Willow's babies

It won’t be long until their eyes are open. They’re getting so big.


Up Goes the Roof

My sweetie is busy building beams that will become a part of our snow roof (we’ve got wood everywhere!).

piles of wood

So I got a little creative with a roof sketch for this week’s Zentangle® tile.

week 31 – roof
patterns: khirkee, diva dance, and banderole
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil

Willow’s Corner – Oh, my! What Have We Here?

Willow's babies

Yesterday I woke up feeling funny and a couple of hours later I had six kits! Two have black skin (and will have black fur) and four are mystery babies (they have pink skin and we won’t know for a bit what color fur they will have). Hopefully, one or more will take after me and have orange fur.

I’ll be sure to share more pictures as they grow up and become stunningly beautiful bunnies. I’m a mommy now and we mommies have to share our family photos.


week 30 – Vertical (sort of)

We got all our poles up for the snow roof this last week. Cement is in and in a couple of days, the guys start work on framing for the roof.

In honor of the poles, I picked vertical for this weeks theme. However … I don’t do geometric well and so my organic “accent” became more of a central theme. Ah, well, it’s art. It’s all good.

Zentangle tile
week 30 – vertical
patterns: heartvine, arckles, banderole, shattuck, and star map
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, and pencil


In my About page, I mentioned that I live with my sweetie of 30+ years. On this blog, he’s called Grandpa (though little ones sometimes call him Ampa or Pa). I call him Paul or Sweetie.

my sweetie

We’ve always wanted to live in community and when our son married into a lovely family that lives on ten acres, we were delighted to make that home base. For a few years, we traveled quite a bit around the USA by RV.

our RV

In recent years we’ve settled in on the property and take the occasional winter trip to Texas (where our daughter’s family lives and, honestly, it’s great to have a break from the snow).

Grandpa does a great job of being a grandpa to our two grandchildren on the property (M1 and M2 for the purposes of this blog). He’s the right combination of hug and wrestle and he’s great at fixing things and generally doing guy things around the property.

By profession, he is a minister, teacher, and writer/blogger (having been newspaper middle management, woodworker, landscape/irrigation guy, conference runner, and webmaster of various and sundry sites). He’s an avid gardener and an amazing cook. He’s also my personal barista.

Invading Cucurbits

The squash and pumpkin vines are trying to take over my herb garden. Every couple of days I cut them back and harvest a few herb sprays.

squash and pumpkins trying to take over my herb garden

Can’t wait to see if I actually end up with some pumpkins and squash this fall. I have several small balls forming on the vines. We’ll see.

Chicory (Cichorium intybus)

And here’s one of my favorite weeds. I have a thing for blue flowers.


Well, Whiskey finally had her puppies (that’s her nose off to the left, ever a watchful mommy dog).

Whiskey and her eight puppies

Whiskey is a mix of Anatolian Shepherd and Husky. Daddy is probably a black lab mix (given his coloring and build). They’re likely to be mid-sized dogs with a hunting or herding nature.

Eight fat and sassy little puppies. Now we have to find homes for them.

Want a puppy?

Week 29 – Lightning

Last night thunder rolled in loud and low, followed by a lightning show. It looked a bit like this.

lightning in night sky

Can’t let nature show off without reflecting it in art. Here’s this week’s tile featuring lightning and a bit of rain.

week 29 – lightning
patterns: facets and crimpster
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, and pencil

lightning image credit © diegotankograd / Pixabay.com


The huckleberries are thick this year.


My sweetie grabbed a bucket and came back with several quarts. After a few washings, he is still a bit purple.

huckleberry stained hands

We’re washing and freezing them (you freeze them in a single layer and then put them away in freezer bags).

huckleberries spread in a single layer to freeze

It’s so nice to peek in the freezer and see bags of huckleberries!

Willow’s Corner – Aspen’s Adventure

Y’all have been introduced to Aspen before (he’s the cute bunny who lives in a cage near mine).


Well, this morning Meemaw took him into the bunny tent for a little runaround. It’s roomy and has a few toys in it (for M1 & M2). Bunnies like to hop around, kick up their feet a bit, and eat clover.

the bunny tent

Well, what Meemaw didn’t know is that one of the seams behind a Duplo wall had a tear in it.

tear in bunny tent

So after a bit of exploration, Aspen set out on an adventure to a nearby pile of brush that Grandpa is working on clearing.

He had quite the adventure for a while. He even ignored the dill he was offered, preferring to wander around in the brush. Eventually, he was coaxed out (thanks to the bunny whisperer, Meemaw’s DIL). I’m somewhat miffed, however, because she used a female bunny on a leash, but all are safe and sound and back in their cages.

OK, I admit, I’m a bit jealous. Aspen got an outside adventure and I think he has a crush on the other bunny.