Strange Company

My sweetie called me to look out our dining room window and this is what I saw.

turkey under bird feeder

We’ll probably be seeing more of this as the rafters of turkeys continue to grow over the summer. By fall we’ll be drowning in wild turkey.

And here’s the latest in LonettA’s CreA(R)Tive’s Zendala templates. They are such a gift to the Zentangle community. Here’s my handiwork.

patterns: antique, kisses, and cle
materials: pattern on printer paper, black micron, pencil

Week 25 – Splash!

After all the rain, we now have higher temperatures and little to no rain. We are officially in sprinkler season (we’re already under a burn ban).

We’ve cut the bunny yard into two sections. We park the bunnies on one side (muncha muncha) and water the other side until the grass is a few inches tall. Then we move the bunnies into the taller grass and mow and water the munched half. Back and forth, keeping the grass in good shape for the bunnies.

We were going to build a fenced area for the bunnies to run a bit and give us a chance to get them used to being handled, but we’re so busy with other projects, we decided to set up the tent instead. It gives some shade and creates a play area for the smaller children and bunnies.

And here’s this week’s Zentangle tile done up in honor of the sprinklers – splash!

week 25 – splash!
patterns: pea-few, pais, kitl, ginili, fern, disco, and beadlines
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil

Ladybug, Ladybug

I have always loved ladybugs and this year my grandson and family gifted me with a number of them for my garden.

ladybug decorations in my garden

(My daughter-in-law is the creative genius behind it all, but M1 did the actual bean work for the aphid city signpost.)

I hope all the ladybugs appreciate their creativity.


We’ve got several building projects going on around here. The big one for this year is building a snow roof. It will be around 40×22 feet and will cover our RV and the proposed addition to our home.

I looked out the window recently and saw this.

husband and son digging gigantic holes

This is my son and husband digging gigantic holes right up next to the RV slab. Shortly there will be poles in the holes and then cement to hold the poles in the holes (sounds like the children’s song “there was an old lady who swallowed a fly“).

You can see our steps discarded in the background. They’re now back in place so we can get in and out of our home. (And I see Willow’s cage in the background. I wonder what she thinks of all the noise and commotion.)

kids going for a ride

And here’s a little after-the-work fun with the younger cousins. It doesn’t move fast, but who can resist a ride on the tractor?

week 24 – growth

With the lovely growth in and around my garden, it seemed appropriate to have growth as a theme this week (with a few “butterflies” about).

week 24 – growth
patterns: dooleedo, pendrills, birds on a wire, & 3-loop-6
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil

I did have to cover all the tomatoes for a few nights. We had near freezing temperatures. They all survived though they are a bit grumpy.

I have red and yellow cherry tomatoes, roma, beefsteak, and a mystery tomato from the OMIL* (thanks, Linda!)

*OMIL – other mother-in-law (my son married a sweet gal and her mom and I are friends)

Grandpa Made It

When our kids were little and we spent time (in Texas) with Paul’s sister and her family, there were a couple of family sayings created. “Auntie Lori made it.” and “Unca Paul fixed it.”

Well, Grandpa made it this time.

The herbs and flowers were crowding each other out (I swear they multiply when I’m not looking), so Grandpa made me a simple raised bed to handle all the herbs. The flowers will have to go in the ground in various places.

the new raised bed

I’m hoping that in the next couple of weeks all my plants will be settled in wherever they are going to be for the summer season. (The basil is still inside under lights because it likes warm weather.)

tomato plant

I’m treating a few gently because we are still having cooler weather (down in the 30’s tonight). I’ll have to cover the tomatoes and any tender plants.

I love playing in the dirt and watching things grow.

Oh, and we have a compost heap. 🙂

Flourish Like a Green Bay Tree

The old saying isn’t a joke.

I bought a teeny, tiny little bay tree (through the mail) and though it took it a bit to get going, it’s going great guns now. I may have to name it. Ray the bay tree?

Ray the bay tree

I’ve also added some Italian oregano, Greek oregano, Dittany of Crete, sage, and a few different mints to my garden.

(My sweetie is very tolerant of all the plants that follow me home. He’s even building me a raised bed for them.)

Dandelion Fluff

This week’s Zentangle theme is wind.

week 23 – wind
patterns: coaster and wishes
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil

Wishes looks like dandelion fluff. I know this because we have more than our fair share of dandelions around here.

Willow’s Corner – The Bunnies in My Life

My world is full of interesting bunnies (some are more interesting than others).

There are, of course, Meemaw and Grandpa. They are very caring bunnies. They feed me and take care of me.

There is the very cute bunny next door (I found out his name is Aspen), but Meemaw says I am too young to date.


And there is Whiskey. She’s a very odd bunny, but she loves to sit next to my cage and socialize (which involves a fair amount of nose rubbing and sniffing). She is a mix of Anatolian Shepherd and Husky and there is a rumor there may be more little bunnies like her in a few weeks.

Whiskey (dog)

She did chase me once when I went on one of my adventures, but all in all, she is a good bunny.

There are also a number of bunnies in cages nearby. Bark is a lop-eared bunny (he belongs to M1) and Kursk is one of the older bunnies (he’s very friendly). Penny (short for Panajachel) lives farthest from my home (she is expecting in a couple of weeks, what she’s expecting, I have not heard). And then there are the teens (Slips, Cinnabon, Sweetiepie, and Luna). M1 is responsible for naming most of the new bunnies. Here’s a picture of him with the teens in their large play area.

There are plans to build a large play area where I can romp and socialize with other bunnies and Aspen is likely to get a new cage. Perhaps I can meet him then. 🙂

Washa Washa

My sweetie and son just removed our old washer and dryer and set up a new washer/dryer combo.

I realize this is not the usual stuff of blog content, but when you’ve had to limp along with misbehaving appliances for while it’s big news!

I’m off to start a load.