Pretty, Pretty

At Christmas, I gave a friend an amaryllis bulb. She watered it, it grew, and then gave her some of the most beautiful blooms. I visited her the other day and it was producing a second set of blooms. I didn’t know they did that.

At any rate, I’m going to get myself an amaryllis next year. Here where we’re buried in snow all winter long, I could use a bit of color. Pretty, pretty.


I recently found a group on Facebook and a new expression of Zentangle art – Dingbatz. It’s been around for a while, but I just now stumbled onto it.

Basically you make small bits of art using Zentangle patterns. They can be tucked on an envelope, a bookmark, or any place just big enough for a few strokes of a pen.

Here are a couple of my first tries in my tiny sketchbook.

Because they are so small they don’t take much time to do. I can sneak one anytime I have a few minutes of free time.

Willow’s Corner – They Do Grow Up Fast

I was hopping around on YouTube the other day and found this amazing clip. (Of course, my babies were much cuter, but it is fun to see the little ones grow up.)

I’m looking forward to a new litter of kits around the middle of March.


More Beautiful Patterns

I’m plugging right along in my latest challenge. I think I should be caught up sometime next week (the group is working on a week 7 challenge).

Zen-Untangled 2020 – Week 5
patterns: mooka, doo dah, fescue, and a little zinger
materials: sketchbook, micron, & pencil
Zen-Untangled 2020 – Week 6
patterns: xircus, fracus, facade, and ibex
materials: sketchbook, micron, & pencil

Willow’s Corner – Baby Bunnies

Today is Valentine’s Day and the perfect time to start thinking about baby bunnies.

It’s a good time of year here in Washington for bunny family planning. By the time the kits are born, the weather will be warming up and I should be out in my bunny tractor. A bit of hay and some nice soft fur and I’ll be ready for my new little darlings.

I wonder how many kits I’ll have. What will I name them? Perhaps this time I’ll give them all flower names.


Image credit © Miroslava Chrienova / Pixabay

More Zen

Here are a couple more tiles for my latest challenge. It’s been awhile since I’ve looked through the official Zentangle® patterns and really, they are quite lovely.

Zen-Untangled 2020 – Week 3
patterns: frondous, hollybough, echoism, and flux
materials: sketchbook, micron, & pencil
Zen-Untangled 2020 – Week 4
patterns: locar, pepper, and nipa
materials: sketchbook, micron, & pencil


I’ve been working on my new challenge of practicing and using official Zentangle patterns. Here’s week two.

Zen-Untangled 2020 – Week 2
patterns: snail, therefore, ahh, centipede, and dex
materials: sketchbook, micron, & pencil

I’m Full of Fish

Every time I hit the Oregon coast I stock up on fish and chips. This trip I’ve tried them at three different restaurants. (Kyllo’s was the best out of the three.)

Paul and I also spend far too much time discussing who has the best clam chowder. (And since it’s my blog I’m declaring The Chowder Bowl as the best.)

And, of course, dessert …

… and more walking along the beach.

The Coast

My sweetie and I are taking a few days off at the Oregon coast. It’s on our bucket list and we need a break after a busy, tough season.

It’s a bit overcast and cool, but you can’t beat a few days at the oceanside.

I love these little sandpipers. They toddle all over the beach without getting wet. And, of course, there’s the occasional driftwood.

Pretty. Pretty.

Later today we’ll have clam chowder at our favorite hole-in-wall restaurant and, weather permitting, walk the beach some more.

A New Challenge

I planned to work on my Zentangle pattern collection this year (and I still will), but it’s not motivating me to create art. So, I went lookin’ for something to do.

I found this challenge (Zen-Untangled 2020) to create a book of step-outs for official Zentangle patterns, plus a little fun with strings and using those patterns.

I grabbed a sketchbook and started working on week one’s assignment (I’ll eventually catch up). Here’s one of my favorite patterns. It’s so simple, but it can look really elegant and you can use it in a zillion different ways.

And here is a “Z” string and the assigned four patterns.

Zen-Untangled 2020 – Week 1
patterns: avreal, eye-wa, florz, & ix
materials: sketchbook, micron, & pencil