A New Challenge

I planned to work on my Zentangle pattern collection this year (and I still will), but it’s not motivating me to create art. So, I went lookin’ for something to do.

I found this challenge (Zen-Untangled 2020) to create a book of step-outs for official Zentangle patterns, plus a little fun with strings and using those patterns.

I grabbed a sketchbook and started working on week one’s assignment (I’ll eventually catch up). Here’s one of my favorite patterns. It’s so simple, but it can look really elegant and you can use it in a zillion different ways.

And here is a “Z” string and the assigned four patterns.

Zen-Untangled 2020 – Week 1
patterns: avreal, eye-wa, florz, & ix
materials: sketchbook, micron, & pencil

I’m Human

I like coffee and I have a small but growing collection of coffee cups. Here’s the newest addition.

Mr. Big

The other day we saw the bird feeder shake with no birds in sight. Curious.

Then a very large bird moved from around the back and we got a good look at him. He was a Northern flicker, a kind of woodpecker.

This is not a great picture, but you can see the size on him. All the little birds got out of his way.


My son just had a birthday and because we married into a game-playing family, of course, he got a game as a present ~ the Seafaring expansion pack to Settlers of Catan.

Here’s my sweetie gamely learning the new rules (pun intended).

There are several ways to set up the board (you create islands so you can be seafaring) and new strategies to learn, but all in all, if you love Catan you will enjoy this added bit of adventure (though it does make the game run a bit longer).

Round and Round

Here’s my take on the first Zendala template of the year from LonettA’s CreA(R)Tive’s. It’s so fun to see how all the different artists develop art from the same template.

patterns: borbz and cockles ‘n’ muscles
materials: pattern on printer paper, black micron, pencil

Winter Birds

My sweetie and I moved our bird feeders under the edge of the roof where we can see them from the dining table (we have seed and suet). It’s been interesting to see who stayed around for the snow.

These little guys are Red-breasted Nuthatches. They are practically fearless. I took this picture from a couple of feet away.

Willow in Winter

I haven’t written in a while. Life over the summer was lovely with my litter of little ones. They grew up and moved out, but Meemaw kept Licorice and we now share a cage in the winter bunny barn. It’s nice and warm in here and we have quite the community of bunnies all lined up in cages on a couple of shelves.

Not much to do, however, but chew on sticks, eat, drink, and talk to the neighboring bunnies (though Aspen likes to kick up his heels and rock the shelves a bit). I’m looking forward to Spring and moving back into my bunny tractor. Licorice will get a tractor of her own then too.

More Patterns!

I pulled out my small albums of Zentangle patterns and started gathering what I need to add in more patterns.

Basically I create small cards for patterns (2½” scalloped square punch) and use repositional glue (in case I need to rearrange them) to put them on brown paper (4″x6″). These sheets go into small photo albums. If I need step-outs for a pattern, I can Google it.

The work is a bit tedious, but the albums are small and travel well. It’s nice to have a large collection of patterns at your fingertips.

Fresh Starts & New Projects

Well, it’s a brand new year. I’m kind of excited about that. I love fresh starts and new projects.

I’m going to add a mess of new patterns to my Zentangle pattern collection this year. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done that and there are so many lovely new patterns out there.

And I’m already planning out my garden. I realize it will be several months before I can do anything, but I have seed catalogs. 🙂

Image credit © CHU TAI / Unsplash

finishing Up 2019

My challenge for this year was to draw one tile a week on a theme. Some of those themes were concept words like “horizontal” and “balance.” Some themes had to do with my life like “bunny barn” and “Oregon waves.”

At any rate, I’m all done.  🙂  You can see all 52 tiles here.

week 51 – zig zag
patterns: mec mec, coaster, echoism, and florz
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil

We finally have snow on the ground and everywhere you go there are tracks in the snow – people, deer, dogs, turkeys and more.

In honor of this “snow art” my last tile of the year is themed “tracks in the snow.”

week 52 – tracks in the snow
patterns: winflo, triadz, sevaw, and black-eyed peas
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil

Happy New Year, all!