Honk, Honk

The other morning, we had a pair of Canada geese and a pair of ducks (I’m not sure what kind) in our little pond.

My neighbor managed to get a picture of the geese, but the ducks turned shy on us and flew away.

I’d say it’s officially Spring. 🙂

Image credit © Sarah Saffer

He is Risen!

My sweetie and I watched our church service by YouTube streaming today. I don’t do “sit still” very well, so I did a little tangling as I listened to the resurrection story.

patterns: quare and vano
materials: 6″ tile, micron, and pencil

He is risen indeed!

Willow’s Corner – Kits

Well, we’ve had quite the baby bunny adventure here on the property. I had four kits and Licorice had three. These are small litters, but I think winter played a part in that. My little ones are a bit wild (the winter cage in the bunny barn doesn’t make it easy to catch and handle them).

I hear that Cedar had nine kits (she’s in another barn, we had to spread out a bit when we all started having litters). Some moms and litters ended up in large bins in Forest’s house. She’s a good bunny mommy and when her bunnies needed a bit more room and warmth she moved them inside.

We’re still having freezing temperatures here at night, so we’re in the barns for a little while longer. I look forward to outdoor cages and all the clover I can eat.

I have another week or so before my little ones don’t need me anymore. Not sure where we will all go until we get better weather, but I’m sure the bunny mommies will figure something out.


Back At It

The last few weeks have been a little crazy with sickness (not the coronavirus) and work responsibilities. I managed to eke out a couple of Zendalas and a Dingbatz or two, but all in all, this was a tough season for art.

Well, I’m back at it and working on the Zen-Untangled 2020 challenge.

Zen-Untangled 2020 – Week 8
patterns: amaze, gust, and floo
materials: sketchbook, micron, & pencil

Knock, Knock

Early one morning I heard the strangest sound. It was a knocking sound, but it was a bit metallic. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from because it was so intermittent.

When my sweetie got up the sound had stopped, but later that morning it started up again and my husband solved the mystery.

Turns out its mating season for woodpeckers. The males are showing off by making a lot of racket to draw attention to themselves. One ambitious woodpecker had found the metal ladder set up next to our house (hence the metallic sound).

I hope he finds a girlfriend soon.

Almost Spring

Time for more Zendala art (template from LonettA’s CreA(R)Tive’s). I’ve been working on my Zentangle pattern collection and found several new patterns to try. Here’s pearly with a bunch of lines to add some depth.

pattern: pearly
materials: printer paper, micron, pencil, white gel pen

Life on the property has been pretty fun of late. Willow and my other two female bunnies (Cedar and Licorice) had litters a few days ago. Everyone seems safe and healthy so far. In another couple of days, I’ll take a more serious head count and do a bit of cleanup.

Forest, my DIL and I are talking about putting all our bunnies in a colony. What that means is our bunnies would live together in a large barn/run unit. It’s a lot less work for upkeep, but we may have to remove the males now and then to keep the numbers down (rabbits do breed like … rabbits). We’re still talking through all the angles. If we do make the move, I’ll give y’all a look at the process.

The snow is receding and we’re dealing with a bit of mud. When that’s done and temperatures are a bit warmer, we’ll call it Spring and start outside work in the garden and on the house. We bought a couple of bare root fruit trees and I ordered a few more landscape trees and some thornless blackberries.

Most of my people activities have been canceled because of the coronavirus. No church, no gatherings, no swimming at the gym for my sweetie. We’re trying to stay connected by phone and computer. I hope y’all are staying safe and have plenty of toilet paper. Take care.

toilet paper image credit © Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Willow’s Corner – Maybe Later

My bunny mommy was talking about moving me into a new home in the bunny field. I was so excited, but then …

Ah well, I’m busy pulling fur for my new litter of babies anyhow. I am snug as a bug in a rug in the bunny barn until the weather changes. (When my little ones arrive and get a bit bigger I’ll share pictures.)



Another dingbatz. These little bits of art are fun!

patterns: c-bun, druppel, tipple, and 123 O’Leary
materials: my little sketchbook, micron, pencil


My sweetie and I have been sick for the last week or so. No art. No adventures. Just lots of tissues.

We are expecting a mess of baby bunnies within the week though, but we’re having to hunker down and keep everybody warm with very low temperatures on the way (forecast has us in the single digits … we’ll see). I’ll keep you apprised.

image credit
tissues © Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash


I love this month’s template from LonettA’s CreA(R)Tive’s. It’s a simple spiral, but the effect of different patterns is amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever used a spiral string before. I may have to do a few more. 🙂

patterns: lokomotive, jalousie, knightsbridge, k’ling, and jajazz
materials: printer paper, micron, pencil, white charcoal pencil

This is week 7 of the Zen-Untangled 2020 challenge. The patterns were supposed to be done on a Bijou tile. I didn’t have one so I drew a 2″ square in my sketchbook.

Zen-Untangled 2020 – Week 7
patterns: hibred, enyshou, and higgins
materials: sketchbook, micron, & pencil