They’re Growing Up

Those sweet little bits of fur have grown so much. They’re beginning to eat “solid” food and in a few more weeks they will have homes of their own.


Though I think my son and family are going to keep the puppy in the upper left (he has blue eyes like his mom).

We’re still trying to figure out who dad is. We think he has some boxer in him because of the brindle fur and the head shape in a few of the pups.

Willow’s Corner – My Babies

I promised pictures of my beautiful babies, but they move so fast most of the photos are full of blurs.

Here is one photo that captured four of them in a relatively still moment.

You can see how cute and fluffy they are.  🙂  I’m busy thinking up names. Definitely Hazel (I’ll be keeping her). Clover? Thumper? Daisy?

Pour It On

A while back a friend shared a number of really cool videos on YouTube about acrylic pour painting (here’s my favorite). I bought the materials and then life got busy. The materials found a home on my closet shelf.

Well, recently another friend of mine invited me to a class where we all got to play and do a pour on a large canvas.

Here’s mine shortly after I did the initial pour (the white blob at the bottom is reflected light). It was crazy fun watching the different colors of paint push around and create a delightful mess of cells. Here’s a closeup.

I’m definitely going to do more of this … maybe on rocks or Christmas ornaments.

balance & wave

Here are a couple of themed tiles for my 2019 Zentangle challenge.

week 32 – balance
patterns: paradox, pepper, pop’t, pritemps, fescue, and reye
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil
week 33 – wave
patterns: joki, shnek, and twistee
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil

A Peek Inside

I’ve been using a bullet journal for a few years now and it’s truly an amazing tool.

I finally got around to creating an article about what mine looks like and how it works. I also finally got around to creating a “soapbox” section on the site for sharing about this and that, whatever seems interesting or important to me.

So here is my first soapbox article.

Inside My Bullet Journal

Willow’s Corner – They’re Looking Pretty Now

I did promise y’all pictures. Here are my sweet babies with their fur just coming in. Turns out there are four orange babies in varying shades, one with black fur, and one with what is called “chestnut” fur (sort of variegated brown, sometimes called agouti).

Willow's babies

It won’t be long until their eyes are open. They’re getting so big.

Up Goes the Roof

My sweetie is busy building beams that will become a part of our snow roof (we’ve got wood everywhere!).

piles of wood

So I got a little creative with a roof sketch for this week’s Zentangle® tile.

week 31 – roof
patterns: khirkee, diva dance, and banderole
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil

Willow’s Corner – Oh, my! What Have We Here?

Willow's babies

Yesterday I woke up feeling funny and a couple of hours later I had six kits! Two have black skin (and will have black fur) and four are mystery babies (they have pink skin and we won’t know for a bit what color fur they will have). Hopefully, one or more will take after me and have orange fur.

I’ll be sure to share more pictures as they grow up and become stunningly beautiful bunnies. I’m a mommy now and we mommies have to share our family photos.

week 30 – Vertical (sort of)

We got all our poles up for the snow roof this last week. Cement is in and in a couple of days, the guys start work on framing for the roof.

In honor of the poles, I picked vertical for this weeks theme. However … I don’t do geometric well and so my organic “accent” became more of a central theme. Ah, well, it’s art. It’s all good.

Zentangle tile
week 30 – vertical
patterns: heartvine, arckles, banderole, shattuck, and star map
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, and pencil


In my About page, I mentioned that I live with my sweetie of 30+ years. On this blog, he’s called Grandpa (though little ones sometimes call him Ampa or Pa). I call him Paul or Sweetie.

my sweetie

We’ve always wanted to live in community and when our son married into a lovely family that lives on ten acres, we were delighted to make that home base. For a few years, we traveled quite a bit around the USA by RV.

our RV

In recent years we’ve settled in on the property and take the occasional winter trip to Texas (where our daughter’s family lives and, honestly, it’s great to have a break from the snow).

Grandpa does a great job of being a grandpa to our two grandchildren on the property (M1 and M2 for the purposes of this blog). He’s the right combination of hug and wrestle and he’s great at fixing things and generally doing guy things around the property.

By profession, he is a minister, teacher, and writer/blogger (having been newspaper middle management, woodworker, landscape/irrigation guy, conference runner, and webmaster of various and sundry sites). He’s an avid gardener and an amazing cook. He’s also my personal barista.