Willow’s Corner – The Bunnies in My Life

My world is full of interesting bunnies (some are more interesting than others).

There are, of course, Meemaw and Grandpa. They are very caring bunnies. They feed me and take care of me.

There is the very cute bunny next door (I found out his name is Aspen), but Meemaw says I am too young to date.


And there is Whiskey. She’s a very odd bunny, but she loves to sit next to my cage and socialize (which involves a fair amount of nose rubbing and sniffing). She is a mix of Anatolian Shepherd and Husky and there is a rumor there may be more little bunnies like her in a few weeks.

Whiskey (dog)

She did chase me once when I went on one of my adventures, but all in all, she is a good bunny.

There are also a number of bunnies in cages nearby. Bark is a lop-eared bunny (he belongs to M1) and Kursk is one of the older bunnies (he’s very friendly). Penny (short for Panajachel) lives farthest from my home (she is expecting in a couple of weeks, what she’s expecting, I have not heard). And then there are the teens (Slips, Cinnabon, Sweetiepie, and Luna). M1 is responsible for naming most of the new bunnies. Here’s a picture of him with the teens in their large play area.

There are plans to build a large play area where I can romp and socialize with other bunnies and Aspen is likely to get a new cage. Perhaps I can meet him then. šŸ™‚


Washa Washa

My sweetie and son just removed our old washer and dryer and set up a new washer/dryer combo.

I realize this is not the usual stuff of blog content, but when you’ve had to limp along with misbehaving appliances for while it’s big news!

I’m off to start a load.


This week’s theme for my ZentangleĀ® tile is clouds. Nice choice for a summer’s day.

zentangle tile
Week 22 ā€“ clouds
patterns: hooks, hypnotic, and lilypads
materials: 6ā€³ tile, micron, and pencil

We’re finally past most of the Spring rain and our days are lovely and warm (nights are a bit cool, I don’t have my tomatoes planted out yet).

cloudy sky
the view outside my front door

Willow’s Corner – I’m In!

Well, I’m in my new home and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Willow's new home

It’s nice and roomy and my hutch area is snuggly warm.

Willow in her hutch

Ooooh, who’s that?

Aspen - Willow's new boyfriend

I Love Zendalas

Annette atĀ LonettAā€™s CreA(R)Tives creates a monthly Zendala template to share. A Zendala is art done in the round using ZentangleĀ® patterns. It has a special beauty because of the repeated patterns.

Here’s the latest two. (I’m playing catch up on life in general after tax season and a mess of bookkeeping.)

patterns: crescent moon, phi-cops, truffle, and q-belle
materials: pattern on printer paper, black micron, pencil
patterns: zanelle, bran, cruffle, and baubles
materials: pattern on printer paper, black micron, pencil

You can see the rest of my Zendalas here.

Neighborhood Bully

I’ve been trying to get pictures of all the different hummingbirds that visit our feeder. The problem is this little fellow thinks the feeder belongs to him … just him.

hummingbird at feeder

He’s a Black-chinned Hummingbird. Though he’s a tiny little guy, he’s tough, through and through.

Willow’s Corner – My New Home

Grandpa’s busy building me a new home. (He really gets into his work.) šŸ™‚

Grandpa making Willow a new home.

Since I’m an escape artist, he has to build it carefully. (I’ve had a lovely runaround twice!) All the wire has to be stapled down well and the boards of the hutch have to be tight and weatherproof. In another day or so, I’ll be all snuggled in with a nice outdoor run where I can nibble grass.



A few years back I ran across ZentangleĀ®. It’s a doodle-y kind of art with a zillion patterns to choose from. I will own that most of my Zentangle tiles are really ZIA’s (Zentangle inspired art) because I am married to my eraser. I don’t like the stray pencil mark, so with a swipe of the eraser it’s gone.

At any rate, each year I give myself a Zentangle challenge and I like to do the occasional challenge offered by other artists. This year I’m doing a weekly tile around a theme. Here’s are tiles for weeks 20 and 21 (playing catch up).

You can see all the tiles I have done for this year’s challenge here.

Week 20 – slanted
patterns: ga-bee, frake, shnek, and twisted rope
materials: 6″ tile, micron, and pencil
Week 21 – hidden
patterns: punch, sparkle, and a few kitties
materials: 6″ tile, micron, and pencil

The ZentangleĀ® Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. It was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. ā€œZentangleā€ is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Learn more at Zentangle.com.

Willow’s Corner

Hi, I’m Willow. I’m a bunny of mixed heritage and here I am at 12 weeks and almost 3 pounds (I’m sitting in this bowl so Meemaw can weigh me on her postal scale).


She bought me a couple of weeks ago and took me to live at her place. I’m staying in a rabbit tractor with another bunny for now, though Meemaw takes me out most days to play. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks, I will have a nice new home of my own.

You can follow my future postsĀ here.

Welcome to Meemaw’s Place

Hi. Today’s my first day working on the new site. I’ve picked a theme. I’m working to fill out a page here and there and I’m getting all my techie stuff in order. It’s starting to look like home.

hummingbird feeder in window

This is the view from my dining table. Today we hung out the hummingbird feeder and we had our first visitor (he was too fast for me to grab a picture of him).