Our Favorite Tabletop Games

I am not much of a game player, but my son married into a family that lives to play Scrabble (they use a dictionary the size of a small car to check words) and any other tabletop game (my DIL has over three hundred games in her coat game closet).

So in self-defense, my sweetie and I have been trying different games to find a few we like. Here are our favorites so far.

board games
   Catan (we have the older Settlers of Catan game)
       Seafarers Expansion for Catan

dice games

card games
   Five Crowns (this is our latest favorite)
   Fluxx (check out the many variations)
   Golf (rules)
   Idiot (rules)
   Nertz (rules)

tile/domino games
   Mexican Train

I like word games too.