Organizing Your Patterns

When I first started tangling I used’s 4×6 card template. I was new and needed to see all the step-outs. I filled several photo albums with step out cards and filled another binder with my completed tiles.


After a few months, I decided I wanted to go to a binder of patterns. It would take up less space and I liked the idea of seeing more patterns at once. I had a feel for the step-outs and I could look them up as needed.

binder pages with small pattern cards

Then I got this cute organizing bag at a garage sale. (Also available at in various patterns.)

If I could get my patterns into a couple of smaller binders, I could fit everything in the bag and I would be more mobile (which is important when you live in an RV).

patterns glued to paper (repositionable post-it glue) in photo albums

So … back to the photo albums. (I was beginning to feel like a yo-yo at this point, but it seems that different seasons call for different organizing styles.) My small photo albums full of pattern cards are tucked in a pocket of my organizer along with all the tools I use. I will probably keep most of the finished tiles in a binder, though I usually scan them and then give them away.

Here are a couple more ideas for corralling all your patterns and tiles.

◄ Use ATC cards in card organizer sheets.
◄ Use small cards in coin organizer sheets. (Bijou tiles can also be used).
◄ This company makes organizer sheets that will fit the 3.5″ x 3.5″ Zentangle tile.