Making Good Coffee

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When my husband and I moved from Texas to the Northwest over a decade ago, neither one of us drank coffee. We didn’t grow up with it and, frankly, it just tasted like dirty water to me.

smiley face coffee cup

Well, folks in the Northwest are serious about their coffee (they even have free coffee at the rest stops on the freeways!). From a social standpoint, we had to learn to drink something, so we tried a few things (I eventually learned to drink several teas without grimacing).

Then we stumbled onto decent coffee at a local coffee shop (JoAnne we owe you) and then a friend (thanks, Rory!) turned us on to coffee made in an Aeropress (which makes an amazingly unbitter cup of coffee).

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Two coffee drinkers were born!

Paul has learned to make great hot coffee (coffee is for coffee breaks, right?) and now he’s working on blended coffees using this cold brew coffee maker.

cold brew coffee maker

And I would be remiss if I did not share one of our favorite coffees with y’all. Friends from Texas (thanks, Mark & Teri!) turned us on to pecan coffee (bits of pecans roasted with the coffee beans).

pecan coffee

And, for a little science, here’s the latest from The British Medical Journal’s meta-study on coffee. “Coffee consumption seems generally safe within usual levels of intake … and more likely to benefit health than harm.” [happy dance]

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