Intermittent Fasting

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I was skinny as a rail as a kid. I could eat anything and I did.

Around 30 my metabolism changed and the weight started creeping on. I tried various diets and levels of exercise with little success. Eventually, I gave up and just worked to eat healthy (one baby step at a time) and find sane forms of exercise. It slowed the weight gain, but I was getting pretty scared for my health.

A couple of years ago I tried once more to count calories and I was surprised to see a pound a week weight loss. At the same time, my sweetie started mentioning intermittent fasting. Eventually, he started fasting a couple of days a week.

empty plate

I’m so not into fasting so I didn’t pay much attention and I was losing weight, so I just smiled and listened to him ramble. However, one day he started talking about variations of intermittent fasting and I realized that I had created an 8-hour eating window when I reduced my calories.

I was doing intermittent fasting and I didn’t even know it!

what it is

Intermittent fasting means having times of eating and times of fasting. More common choices are fasting daily for 16 hours (8-hour eating window) or fasting a couple of days a week.

health benefits

There are a ton of possible health benefits. I say possible because there is ongoing study and this is a fairly new area of research.

It does help reduce insulin resistance (you’re not constantly poking your insulin response) which is good news for everyone especially folks who are prediabetic. And when insulin levels are low it’s easier for your body to burn fat which usually equates to weight loss.

I’ve read about increased Human Growth Hormone (HGH), cellular repair, increased longevity, greater ability to fight disease, and much more. It’s a study in progress, but it does seem there are a myriad of health benefits to one degree or another.

Bottom line, it’s good for me and it may be great for me. It’s helping me lose weight and I’m healthier for it. It’s fairly easy because it just means I don’t eat breakfast and I don’t snack after dinner. Not fun, but doable.

I’m going to continue to keep an eye on the research as people learn more. I can recommend The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung (it’s a somewhat difficult read because of the science, but it’s very thorough).

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