Hummingbird Varieties (WA)

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Grandpa hung a hummingbird feeder outside our dining room window recently. The birds are so delightful I thought I would take pictures of them and share them here.

This is the feeder we use and I really like it. It’s made of glass so it’s easy to clean and change out food. It also has bee/wasp guards over the “flowers” and a place to create a water pool on top to stop ants.

Next year we will probably hang out two or three. During one part of the summer, we had so many hummingbirds we had to fill up the feeder every day. It would nice if we didn’t have to do that as often.

Here’s a picture of a Black-chinned Hummingbird. This little guy thinks he’s the owner of our feeder. He parks there so often it wasn’t too hard to get a picture of him.

Black-chinned Hummingbird
male black-chinned hummingbird

I did a bit of research and found that Washington is home to four species of hummingbird.
     rufous (below)
     black-chinned (above)

rufous hummingbird
male rufous hummingbird

So far I’ve seen the black-chinned, caliope, and rufous. Apparently, Anna’s hummingbirds tend to stick to the west side of the state. I’m still hopeful though.

Update: I did see an Anna’s hummingbird, so we’ve had all four kinds of hummingbirds visit our feeder. 🙂

Here are some helpful guides.


rufous hummingbird image credit © Chris_LeBoutillier /