Lately, I’ve heard a good deal about detoxing your body. The theory is that we take in different kinds of toxins from our food and environment. Various gizmos, supplements, or diets can remove the toxins or help our bodies get rid of them.

detox drink

This didn’t make much sense to me given what I know of biology (I had an amazing high school biology teacher), so I did a bit of research. After reading from various sources both pro and con, I came to this conclusion.

The human body has its own detox system involving the liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin, and lungs. If you keep your body healthy, it will do the job.

Drink plenty of water, eat healthy less-processed food, get good sleep, and exercise. There is some interesting science about different foods that may help your body do its job, but you’re far better off adding them to your regular diet than making them the focus of a detox regimen.

I have no doubt that many involved in the detox industry are well-meaning (who doesn’t want fewer toxins?). I just have a problem with so much information that is not scientifically substantiated (and really some of it flies in the face of science we do know). And, just warning you here, there are a few scams (like the detox foot items).

Bottom line, you don’t need all the detox stuff. Take care of your body and let it do its job.

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Image credit © Konstantin Kolosov / Pixabay