A friend invited me to go huckleberry picking, so of course, I said yes! You do have to drive up scary mountain roads, but it’s worth it to find this purple gold.

I’m Full of Fish

Every time I hit the Oregon coast I stock up on fish and chips. This trip I’ve tried them at three different restaurants. (Kyllo’s was the best out of the three.) Paul and I also spend far too much time discussing who has the…

I’m Human

I like coffee and I have a small but growing collection of coffee cups. Here’s the newest addition.

Mmm Mmm Good

Yesterday my DIL knocked on the door and asked if I wanted to go mushroom hunting. We’ve had recent rains and it turns out our back five acres is a good place to go hunting. It took me a bit to figure out what…


The huckleberries are thick this year. My sweetie grabbed a bucket and came back with several quarts. After a few washings, he is still a bit purple. We’re washing and freezing them (you freeze them in a single layer and then put them away…