week 24 – growth

With the lovely growth in and around my garden, it seemed appropriate to have growth as a theme this week (with a few “butterflies” about). I did have to cover all the tomatoes for a few nights. We had near freezing temperatures. They all…

Dandelion Fluff

This week’s Zentangle theme is wind. Wishes looks like dandelion fluff. I know this because we have more than our fair share of dandelions around here.


This week’s theme for my Zentangle® tile is clouds. Nice choice for a summer’s day. We’re finally past most of the Spring rain and our days are lovely and warm (nights are a bit cool, I don’t have my tomatoes planted out yet).

I Love Zendalas

Annette at LonettA’s CreA(R)Tives creates a monthly Zendala template to share. A Zendala is art done in the round using Zentangle® patterns. It has a special beauty because of the repeated patterns. Here’s the latest two. (I’m playing catch up on life in general after…


A few years back I ran across Zentangle®. It’s a doodle-y kind of art with a zillion patterns to choose from. I will own that most of my Zentangle tiles are really ZIA’s (Zentangle inspired art) because I am married to my eraser. I…