Pour It On

A while back a friend shared a number of really cool videos on YouTube about acrylic pour painting (here’s my favorite). I bought the materials and then life got busy. The materials found a home on my closet shelf. Well, recently another friend of…

balance & wave

Here are a couple of themed tiles for my 2019 Zentangle challenge.

week 30 – Vertical (sort of)

We got all our poles up for the snow roof this last week. Cement is in and in a couple of days, the guys start work on framing for the roof. In honor of the poles, I picked vertical for this weeks theme. However…

Week 29 – Lightning

Last night thunder rolled in loud and low, followed by a lightning show. It looked a bit like this. Can’t let nature show off without reflecting it in art. Here’s this week’s tile featuring lightning and a bit of rain. lightning image credit ©…

patterns in the round

I love working with zendalas. There is a beauty in repeated patterns and using them in the round is lovely. Here’s the latest in LonettA’s CreA(R)Tive’s Zendala templates series.