I’m on the Hunt

We’re just starting to see mushroom weather – rain then sunshine then rain then sunshine. The other day I went out to see what I could find. I ran across some white trillium (also known as wake robin). Not a mushroom, but an encouraging…

More and More Bunnies

The weather has slowly become Springlike. Temperatures are warmer and we’ve had a bit of rain. More and more of our bunnies are in tractors in the bunny meadow (we have nine adults, six females, two males, and M1’s male pet). The teens are…

Honk, Honk

The other morning, we had a pair of Canada geese and a pair of ducks (I’m not sure what kind) in our little pond. My neighbor managed to get a picture of the geese, but the ducks turned shy on us and flew away….

He is Risen!

My sweetie and I watched our church service by YouTube streaming today. I don’t do “sit still” very well, so I did a little tangling as I listened to the resurrection story. He is risen indeed!

Knock, Knock

Early one morning I heard the strangest sound. It was a knocking sound, but it was a bit metallic. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from because it was so intermittent. When my sweetie got up the sound had stopped, but later…