Little-Miss-Escapee-for-the-Third-Time has been placed in a holding cell. I don’t know how she managed it, but three strikes and you’re out of the grow-out pen and into a bunny tractor. jail bar image © Eric Perlin / Pixabay

My Nifty Carryall

It was a good move to put all the grow-out bunnies in a large pen. I was being swamped by all the little ones in the tractors. Now I am down to the mama and papa bunnies with the occasional litter. It’s still a…

We’ve Grown!

I shared a picture of the baby chicks about a week ago. Here they are today. It’s amazing how fast they grow. Now we just have to think up sixteen names.

Here Chick, Chick, Chick

My son cares for the chickens on the property and the flock was getting a bit thin (down to sixteen). So he ordered a few new chicks through the mail (yeah, I was like what?). So we have sixteen adults and sixteen little guys….

New Bunny Tractors

Forest, my DIL, and I are raising bunnies and we needed some new tractors. My sweetie built a couple for two soon-to-be mommas. They’re 3’x5′, made with 1″x2″ galvanized wire. The holes are large enough for the bunnies to munch on the grass but…