Bunny Toys

I had no idea when I got my first bunny that rabbits need something to chew on and/or play with. Rabbits are lagomorphs and their teeth continue to grow over their lifetime. And, hey, bunnies like to play too.

So I’m off on an adventure to find toys for my bunnies. (I’m a firm believer in using what you have on hand, if possible.)

bunny in hollowed out log

There are a number of woods that are safe for chewing (and growing teeth make that a necessity). Here are a few of the more common trees that are safe (keep in mind that I live in Washington state USA).

  • apple, arbutus, aspen, cottonwood, crabapple, dogwood, hawthorn, hazelnut, linden, maple, mesquite, pecan, pine, poplar, sycamore, and willow 🙂

I totally lucked out with some quaking aspen. There were several trees on our property that were dead, dying, or in the wrong place. Down they came and anything a couple of inches thick were cut into foot long sticks.

Pine cones are also a safe chew toy (and we have plenty of them).

… more to come.

Image credit © nessaja99 / Pixabay