Art and a Playpen

I just now got around to tangling LonettA’s CreA(R)Tive’s May zendala template. I really enjoy having an art challenge each month.

patterns: g’raf and jitterz
materials: printer paper, micron, and pencil

Life has gotten a bit busier with nicer weather. The garden is taking shape (the tomatoes are in) and Grandpa and our son built a nice pen for our grow-out bunnies (the teenagers).

(a binky is a joyous jump with a kick)

They have shelter, food/water, and all the room they could want to play in.

Our Anatolian Shepherd/Husky mix keeps the ground predators away and we’ve strung string across the top of the pen to keep hawks from swooping in for a snack.

The gray bunny is Einstein.

Most days the grandkids and I sit in the yard and pet the bunnies. We’re still trying to name them all.

3 Comments on “Art and a Playpen”

  1. ALways you show a wonderful unexpect result.
    I can imagine very good how you sit in the yard with your grandchildren, looks great, those bunnies have a good life and I’m sure they give you and your grandchildren pleasant relaxing moments!!!

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