New Bunny Tractors

Forest, my DIL, and I are raising bunnies and we needed some new tractors. My sweetie built a couple for two soon-to-be mommas.

They’re 3’x5′, made with 1″x2″ galvanized wire. The holes are large enough for the bunnies to munch on the grass but small enough any babies can’t tumble out. There is one wooden end, so we could attach a kindling box and give each bunny a shelf to enjoy.

I took a rabbit feed bag (the white liner) to make most of the covering waterproof and then laid a larger piece of shade cloth over that. I “sewed” it all down with wire and stapled the edge to the wooden end. I’m hoping the bunnies don’t get it into their heads to chew on it. I’m motivated to keep them in food and chew toys.

Here’s the backside with a door into the kindling box. When babies arrive it’s good to be able to check on them and it makes it easier to catch the little boogers when it’s time to move them out.

Thank you Grandpa for all your hard work.

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