I’m on the Hunt

We’re just starting to see mushroom weather – rain then sunshine then rain then sunshine. The other day I went out to see what I could find.

I ran across some white trillium (also known as wake robin). Not a mushroom, but an encouraging sight because it’s an early spring flower.

Then I saw a “rock” and another one.

I’m trying to learn to identify mushrooms so a took a couple home.

I should have washed them off before taking a picture, but here is a good picture of a cross-section.

I think it’s a baby bolete mushroom. The veil hasn’t torn away from the cap and I think those are developing tubes hiding in there.

There are a bazillion kinds of bolete mushrooms and most of them are edible, but because I’m a newbie and I’m not sure …

Rule #1: Don’t eat it unless you are sure.

It’s not a part of my dinner, just a fun educational experience.

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