More and More Bunnies

The weather has slowly become Springlike. Temperatures are warmer and we’ve had a bit of rain. More and more of our bunnies are in tractors in the bunny meadow (we have nine adults, six females, two males, and M1’s male pet). The teens are still in the bunny barn because nighttime temperatures are a bit low. I have sixteen and my DIL has eleven. Twenty-seven teenagers! That actually sounds a bit daunting. 🙂

This is one of my favorites. He friendly,
curious, and really quite brave for a bunny.

And we’re looking forward to several new litters in a couple of weeks.

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    • Some of them are sold (helps to pay for the feed). One of them is my grandson’s pet. The adults are breed stock and the offspring are sent to freezer camp when they reach five pounds. Rabbit meat is good and it’s a grass-fed source. I struggle a bit with the whole homesteading thing when it comes to raising your own meat. Thankfully my son handles the butchering.

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