Willow’s Corner – Kits

Well, we’ve had quite the baby bunny adventure here on the property. I had four kits and Licorice had three. These are small litters, but I think winter played a part in that. My little ones are a bit wild (the winter cage in the bunny barn doesn’t make it easy to catch and handle them).

I hear that Cedar had nine kits (she’s in another barn, we had to spread out a bit when we all started having litters). Some moms and litters ended up in large bins in Forest’s house. She’s a good bunny mommy and when her bunnies needed a bit more room and warmth she moved them inside.

We’re still having freezing temperatures here at night, so we’re in the barns for a little while longer. I look forward to outdoor cages and all the clover I can eat.

I have another week or so before my little ones don’t need me anymore. Not sure where we will all go until we get better weather, but I’m sure the bunny mommies will figure something out.


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