Weekly Art on a Theme

I’ve been working on my 2019 personal challenge of creating a Zentangle tile each week on a theme. Here’s one tile in honor of pies. 🙂 My son married into a family that has a Thanksgiving rule of “more pies than people.” Gotta love that family. We had 23 people that day with 27 pies. What made it!

week 46 – pies
patterns: cockles ‘n’ muscles, frillee, eke, tipple,
fallreep, and thing in the middle of a thing
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil

And here are tiles that honor falling snow (we’ve had a bit) and the Christmas season with all it’s greenery and decorations.

week 47 – falling snow
patterns: shattuck and sevaw
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil
week 48 – Christmas greenery
patterns: meriberries, twistee, and fescue
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil

All I need is four more tiles to finish out the year.

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