Pour It On

A while back a friend shared a number of really cool videos on YouTube about acrylic pour painting (here’s my favorite). I bought the materials and then life got busy. The materials found a home on my closet shelf. Well, recently another friend of…

balance & wave

Here are a couple of themed tiles for my 2019 Zentangle challenge.

A Peek Inside

I’ve been using a bullet journal for a few years now and it’s truly an amazing tool. I finally got around to creating an article about what mine looks like and how it works. I also finally got around to creating a “soapbox” section…

Willow’s Corner – They’re Looking Pretty Now

I did promise y’all pictures. Here are my sweet babies with their fur just coming in. Turns out there are four orange babies in varying shades, one with black fur, and one with what is called “chestnut” fur (sort of variegated brown, sometimes called…

Up Goes the Roof

My sweetie is busy building beams that will become a part of our snow roof (we’ve got wood everywhere!). So I got a little creative with a roof sketch for this week’s Zentangle® tile.