In my About page, I mentioned that I live with my sweetie of 30+ years. On this blog, he’s called Grandpa (though little ones sometimes call him Ampa or Pa). I call him Paul or Sweetie.

my sweetie

We’ve always wanted to live in community and when our son married into a lovely family that lives on ten acres, we were delighted to make that home base. For a few years, we traveled quite a bit around the USA by RV.

our RV

In recent years we’ve settled in on the property and take the occasional winter trip to Texas (where our daughter’s family lives and, honestly, it’s great to have a break from the snow).

Grandpa does a great job of being a grandpa to our two grandchildren on the property (M1 and M2 for the purposes of this blog). He’s the right combination of hug and wrestle and he’s great at fixing things and generally doing guy things around the property.

By profession, he is a minister, teacher, and writer/blogger (having been newspaper middle management, woodworker, landscape/irrigation guy, conference runner, and webmaster of various and sundry sites). He’s an avid gardener and an amazing cook. He’s also my personal barista.

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