Willow’s Corner – Aspen’s Adventure

Y’all have been introduced to Aspen before (he’s the cute bunny who lives in a cage near mine).


Well, this morning Meemaw took him into the bunny tent for a little runaround. It’s roomy and has a few toys in it (for M1 & M2). Bunnies like to hop around, kick up their feet a bit, and eat clover.

the bunny tent

Well, what Meemaw didn’t know is that one of the seams behind a Duplo wall had a tear in it.

tear in bunny tent

So after a bit of exploration, Aspen set out on an adventure to a nearby pile of brush that Grandpa is working on clearing.

He had quite the adventure for a while. He even ignored the dill he was offered, preferring to wander around in the brush. Eventually, he was coaxed out (thanks to the bunny whisperer, Meemaw’s DIL). I’m somewhat miffed, however, because she used a female bunny on a leash, but all are safe and sound and back in their cages.

OK, I admit, I’m a bit jealous. Aspen got an outside adventure and I think he has a crush on the other bunny.


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