jury box

I just spent the last couple of days on a jury.


It was really quite fascinating to be a part of the process, though much of it was really sad. I sat for a criminal case and we found the defendant guilty for three out of four charges. It was truly a study in human nature.

And, just to lighten things up, here are a few pretty pictures of life around my house.

wild grasses around our pond
wild grasses around our pond
bridal bouquet
folks around here call this “bridal bouquet”
our walking path
a few weeks ago one of the guys cut a path
for walking in the back half of the property

courtroom image credit © 12019 / Pixabay.com

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    • I spent a good number of years living in Texas where I came to know most of the plants. Then we moved to Washington and a good many of them are new to me. I’m still trying to identify the more common ones.

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