We’ve got several building projects going on around here. The big one for this year is building a snow roof. It will be around 40×22 feet and will cover our RV and the proposed addition to our home.

I looked out the window recently and saw this.

husband and son digging gigantic holes

This is my son and husband digging gigantic holes right up next to the RV slab. Shortly there will be poles in the holes and then cement to hold the poles in the holes (sounds like the children’s song “there was an old lady who swallowed a fly“).

You can see our steps discarded in the background. They’re now back in place so we can get in and out of our home. (And I see Willow’s cage in the background. I wonder what she thinks of all the noise and commotion.)

kids going for a ride

And here’s a little after-the-work fun with the younger cousins. It doesn’t move fast, but who can resist a ride on the tractor?

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