Grandpa Made It

When our kids were little and we spent time (in Texas) with Paul’s sister and her family, there were a couple of family sayings created. “Auntie Lori made it.” and “Unca Paul fixed it.”

Well, Grandpa made it this time.

The herbs and flowers were crowding each other out (I swear they multiply when I’m not looking), so Grandpa made me a simple raised bed to handle all the herbs. The flowers will have to go in the ground in various places.

the new raised bed

I’m hoping that in the next couple of weeks all my plants will be settled in wherever they are going to be for the summer season. (The basil is still inside under lights because it likes warm weather.)

tomato plant

I’m treating a few gently because we are still having cooler weather (down in the 30’s tonight). I’ll have to cover the tomatoes and any tender plants.

I love playing in the dirt and watching things grow.

Oh, and we have a compost heap. 🙂

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