Willow’s Corner – The Bunnies in My Life

My world is full of interesting bunnies (some are more interesting than others).

There are, of course, Meemaw and Grandpa. They are very caring bunnies. They feed me and take care of me.

There is the very cute bunny next door (I found out his name is Aspen), but Meemaw says I am too young to date.


And there is Whiskey. She’s a very odd bunny, but she loves to sit next to my cage and socialize (which involves a fair amount of nose rubbing and sniffing). She is a mix of Anatolian Shepherd and Husky and there is a rumor there may be more little bunnies like her in a few weeks.

Whiskey (dog)

She did chase me once when I went on one of my adventures, but all in all, she is a good bunny.

There are also a number of bunnies in cages nearby. Bark is a lop-eared bunny (he belongs to M1) and Kursk is one of the older bunnies (he’s very friendly). Penny (short for Panajachel) lives farthest from my home (she is expecting in a couple of weeks, what she’s expecting, I have not heard). And then there are the teens (Slips, Cinnabon, Sweetiepie, and Luna). M1 is responsible for naming most of the new bunnies. Here’s a picture of him with the teens in their large play area.

There are plans to build a large play area where I can romp and socialize with other bunnies and Aspen is likely to get a new cage. Perhaps I can meet him then. 🙂


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