Dandelion Fluff

This week’s Zentangle theme is wind. Wishes looks like dandelion fluff. I know this because we have more than our fair share of dandelions around here.

Willow’s Corner – The Bunnies in My Life

My world is full of interesting bunnies (some are more interesting than others). There are, of course, Meemaw and Grandpa. They are very caring bunnies. They feed me and take care of me. There is the very cute bunny next door (I found out…

Washa Washa

My sweetie and son just removed our old washer and dryer and set up a new washer/dryer combo. I realize this is not the usual stuff of blog content, but when you’ve had to limp along with misbehaving appliances for while it’s big news!…


This week’s theme for my Zentangle® tile is clouds. Nice choice for a summer’s day. We’re finally past most of the Spring rain and our days are lovely and warm (nights are a bit cool, I don’t have my tomatoes planted out yet).

Willow’s Corner – I’m In!

Well, I’m in my new home and I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s nice and roomy and my hutch area is snuggly warm. Ooooh, who’s that?