Inktober’s Done

Well, this is it. I finished the Inktober challenge and in October too! I did run a number of patterns together in each tile, rather than playing with them one at a time, but I got it done. 🙂

the last of Inktober
patterns: well, well, who, kuke, nik, and florz
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil

I was a bit taken aback by well, well, who. The pattern looked very difficult to draw, but the step-outs were easy and voilà! there it is. Thanks, Stephanie Jennifer, for the #InktoberTangles2019 challenge.

Even More Ink

October is coming to a close. Here are a few tiles with patterns from the Inktober challenge.

week 41 – dance
patterns: dreamdex, sindoo, diva dance, and antidots
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil
week 42 – floral
patterns: batumber, abundies, pixioze, and baton
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil
week 43 – tangled
patterns: tripoli, ratoon, and crescent moon
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil

I love the rather Celtic look of ratoon. I definitely have to experiment with that pattern more.

Knock, Knock

There was a knock at the door and three young boys tumbled in with this!

a cousin holding a toad

Plus a whole box full of toads! They found them in holes dug for foundation footers (the toads had jumped in but couldn’t get out).

a box of toads

They’ll find them a new and safer home near our pond.


We just a call from our son a bit ago. He warned us not to wander out because there were a couple of moose by the pond, a momma and her calf.

I took this picture from our front porch and it’s dusk so the picture isn’t great. I did lighten it up a bit so you can see them. They are on the far side of the pond standing to the right of a bench. The bench is your standard size park bench so you can get a general idea of how big they get. I would have probably come up to about the momma’s shoulder.

Followup: Here’s a picture my DIL was able to get from her front porch. You can see the park bench off to the far left.

mamma and calf moose

A Kiss or Four

Another lovely Zendala template from LonettA’s CreA(R)Tive’s. I look forward to the 15th of the month when she posts a new one.

patterns: gra-vee, vortex, and kisses
materials: pattern on printer paper, black micron, pencil

I think the pattern kisses is so cute (modeled after the Hershey kisses). I need to take more opportunity to use it.

More Ink

I’m still playing with this month’s Inktober challenge (a pattern a day during October). Here is a tile featuring yin-cut and arukas.

week 39 – woven
patterns: yin-cut and arukas
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil

And this is a flyaway version of maryhill with a few trentwith floating around.

week 40 – whirl
patterns: maryhill and trentwith
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil

Plants on a Shelf

Bless my sweetie. He made me a shelf over the dining room window for my plants. We’re having below freezing temperatures and some of them have to come inside (everything outside gets covered in straw (and eventually snow) for the winter). Most of my pumpkins are slowly ripening and turning orange.

yes, the lighting is weird (there is a plant light)

And in honor of the new shelf, I used three more Inktober patterns to create a plants-on-a-shelf theme.

week 38 – plants on a shelf
patterns: cubine, inaflux, and floo
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil


Last year I discovered Inktober … in November. Bummer. But this year I was ready for it!

I figured I would roll the daily pattern prompts into my weekly tile challenge, working on tiles a little bit each day. I need to do some catch up anyhow, so a few extra tiles here and there won’t hurt.

My weekly challenge themes come from the stuff of my world. The patterns are selected by Stephanie of Everything is Art as a part of the #InktoberTangles2019 challenge.

week 35 – moles, voles, and gophers
patterns: pritemps, tunnel vizion, and toodles
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil
week 36 – mt. spokane
patterns: zonked, jalousie, and flukes
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil
week 37 – little birdies at my feeder
patterns: higgins, bales, and lola
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil

More Snow

Everyone kept saying snow was coming and we didn’t quite believe it. I mean, come on, it’s September!

We got the little bit that didn’t stick, but then we woke up to more snow.

those are my lawn chairs
the birdfeeder is going to have
to go under our new snow roof.

But I have to admit the snow is pretty.

the view from my front door
(my son and DIL’s home in the background)

And in honor of all this snow, a weekly tile with a snow theme.

week 34 – snow
patterns: sparkle, diva dance, worms, bateek, & phen
materials: 6″ tile, black micron, pencil

Yes, That’s Snow

If you look at the picture there are white streaks coming down. That’s snow, though it’s not sticking because the ground is still warm enough.

We pulled all the bunny tractors under our roof. And then I pulled in all the squash, pumpkins, and tomatoes (and one little cucumber). They are as ripe as they are going to get (I see green tomato pie in our future).

I hear strains of “Let it go!”